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Can you mix and match the charms from the three different lines?
You can, but the charms in the Kristin line are a darker color of silver.   

How do you wear the Waistlet as a piece of jewelry?

I wrap it around my neck with the end pieces hanging evenly.  You can secure the lobster claw to the chain to keep it from slipping off.  I have also seen it worn as a belt during the pregnancy which is very cute! I recommend getting one of our bracelets to wear so you can move the charms around from the Waistlet to the bracelet.

Are the pieces sterling silver?

No. They are silver plated. 

Do you take custom orders?  

Yes. We do take custom orders. Just go to the contact us page at the  online store and send an email with your request. I will email you back with a price quote.  It will take a few extra days to complete the order

Are you adding more charms to the lines and can I request a special charm?
I have recently added some new charms to the Kristin and Stephanie lines and am always looking for new ideas just contact me by email with your request. 

How do I use the Memory Page to track my milestones?
Place your first charm on the first milestone mark , place a sticker with the number of weeks pregnant or the event above the charm on the yellow  line.  After each new measurement place the Waistlet back on the board, (it’s important that you always realign the first charm at the first milestone mark) continue to place stickers with the weeks pregnant and special events above each charm on the yellow line.  Place a permanent mark on the link of your first measurement if you would like to temporarily remove the the charms and later recreate your measuring keepsake. I recommend a dot of nail polish or tie a string through the link.

How do you attach the extension to the Waistlet?

The extension comes with a lobster claw that will attach to the end piece using the jump ring.  The end piece will now hang just like a charm.  

How do you mount the Waistlet to the Memory Page?

I recommend that you use scrapbooking brads.  They will wrap around the chain link, puncture the paper and then lay flat.

How do you clean the Measure Me Mommie?
I recommend a jewelry cleaning cloth.  You can also use a little toothpaste with a soft brush to clean in the nooks and crannies but do not let it stand in water and make sure you dry it completely.

Where can I go to purchase one?
Currently, we are only available on-line and at the San Dimas Medical Group Boutique in Bakersfield. We‘re working on expanding to a few more select boutiques.  If you live locally or are in the Taft area you can contact me  at 661 333-3355 to visit the workshop and have a custom Measure Me Mommie made while you wait.  If you purchase from the workshop the shipping and handling is waived. 

Can I order one gift wrapped and have it shipped to a friend?

Absolutely! Just tell us what you would like printed on the card. Each gift set comes packaged in an elegant gift box already wrapped in a bow.My friend is already half way thru her pregnancy do you think it’s too late to get her one?
Of course not!!  She can re-create her first measurement by measuring under her belly and subtracting a few links. Some ladies have already measured with a tape measure so they can go back and get the numbers and match up the first charms with those numbers.  Your friend may have even had her stomach measured by her doctor.  I have had ladies that got their Measure Me Mommies at their baby showers and were thrilled to measure just the last few weeks!!  It's also fun to measure in reverse!

Are you looking for distributors to sell your product?
Please contact me by email,,  if you are interested in becoming a sales representative or carrying the line in your store.

How do I get a replacement Memory Page?
Click here to download a replacement page. To insure that the Memory Page prints correctly, right click the link "save target as" then select "save as" in your systems picture folder, then use your image printing software on the saved file to print in landscape format 8.5x11 inch media.  I recommend that you use card stock paper.

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